Complete After Sales Care

Following installation of your DustX Dust Extraction or CVC system, we offer a Service Contract with a visit planned for every 12 months. This complies with COSHH Legislation and combines a service visit with Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) test certification.

Therefore, not only are we able to visit site and fully test your system, we are also able to forward our recommendations for putting right anything that has a fault and provide a quotation for carrying out the necessary remedial work.

There are many companies who offer to test dust extraction systems to LEV certification standards; we go a step further by offering the back up of providing for their servicing needs as well to ensure complete peace of mind.

Dust extraction systems are usually classified as Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) and as such they should be tested once every 14 months. As stated previously, we usually offer our service visit on a 12-month basis to ensure that testing is carried out within this time span. In certain cases systems require testing on a more regular basis and of course we can accommodate such instances. On acceptance of our service contract, an LEV register is provided by DustX and each visit is logged and signed for by our service engineer for HM Inspectors approval.

Without periodic inspection, adjustment and replacement of various components by experienced personnel, dust extraction plant and equipment will soon deteriorate and become inefficient causing potential health problems for your workforce and greater cost in the long run with regards to repairs. A simple repair carried out early can prevent the need for expensive repair costs later on.

We obviously recommend that all dust extraction equipment is maintained in line with the service manual that is provided with each of our filter units. Your own staff can carry out most of the weekly and monthly checks but many companies prefer the reassurance of our Service Department to carry out inspection work on a contract service scheme basis. By doing so, this can often mean that potential problems are intercepted before they affect costs.

Total Site Agreements

For sites that have a number of dust extraction systems present within them that have been installed by different manufacturers, we offer a Total Site Service Agreement in which we look after the LEV testing and servicing needs of each of the individual systems. This takes away the problem of having to deal with several different companies to get your equipment tested and then, if necessary, serviced and repaired.

With a DustX Total Site Agreement, we look after the LEV testing and servicing of all your dust extraction plant which gives you more time to get back to the job of running your business. This not only means that your business will run more effectively, it also gives you the peace of mind to know that your dust extraction systems are in the care of experts.