The DustX CV unit utilises compressed air for filter cleaning on an intermittent yet continuous basis whilst the fan set is still running. This allows the filter unit to run continuously for extended periods of time.

In the case of the DustX CV filter unit, the filter elements take the form of tubular filter bags held in place vertically from a horizontal filter bag mounting plate. Though the unit is not as compact as the DustX DFP or DCH unit designs, it offers an answer to a wider range of dust problems than its sister units. This is because the DustX CV filter unit can tolerate to a far higher degree dusts that, for example, are sticky, oily, and fibrous, statically charged or have an affinity to moisture. This is due to the tubular nature of the filter element design as well as the pre-separation section that is in built around the inlet arrangement of each CV filter unit.

Of course, the unit design must reflect the environment that it is to be applied to for it to work correctly and it is therefore important to let our Sales Department know as many details as possible with regards to the intended application.

As a standard, the filter media is removed from the "clean air side" of the filter unit, but where height is an issue, the filter bags can be made with "dirty side" removal.