Welcome to DustX - Dust Extraction Solutions

We offer four key fundamental services as explained below:

Dust Extraction Solutions

Dust Extraction's business is solving industrial dust problems and our policy has always been one of continuous development to ensure that our products are continually upgraded to maintain our position as market leaders.

Centralised Vacuum Cleaning Systems

A DustX Centralised Vacuum Cleaning (CVC) System enables localised vacuum cleaning to be undertaken using a single, central vacuum cleaning source.

Filter Units (to the End User & Reseller)

When nuisance dust is a problem, we can supply an entire dust extraction system from initial design through to final commisioning. At the heart of each of our dust extraction systems is one of our DustX range of filter units.

After Sales Care

Following installation of your DustX Dust Extraction or CVC system, we offer a Service Contract with a visit planned for every 12 months.

Latest News


Chemical Cleaning

Dust Extraction has completed the design, manufacture and installation of a centralised vacuum cleaning system for an international chemical producer in Warrington, Cheshire. The system comprising eight hose connection points located throughout a multi floor Read more


Brewery Cleaning System

Dust Extraction has designed and installed a new Centralised Vacuum Cleaning (CVC) System for a brewery based in Glasgow, replacing an old ineffective system.