Dust X Centralised Vacuum Cleaning (CVC) Systems

A DustX Centralised Vacuum Cleaning (CVC) System enables localised vacuum cleaning to be undertaken using a single, central vacuum cleaning source.

A DustX CVC system incorporates a number of strategically located hose connection points positioned around a production facility. Each hose connection point is then connected into a network of pipework that goes to a single vacuum plant. The vacuum plant normally consists of two elements, the filter separator where the vacuumed dust is removed from the airstream, and the power source that creates the suction power and necessary air movement.

Our systems can be designed for single or multi-operator usage and can be designed for use in a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications. From coal fired power generation plants through to pharmaceutical production facilities; from the need to remove bulk spillage product through to the removal of small amounts of dust, DustX has the ability to design a system to suit the needs of each of the applications that it meets.

Each and every system is designed to meet a clients bespoke requirements and can be supplied in many different formats. These include:

Fixed pipework system connecting to a separator and exhauster package.
Fixed pipework system connecting to a lorry mounted self powered vacuum plant.
Fixed pipework system connecting to an industrial vacuum cleaning machine.

Although most applications are designed for the removal of powders and granulate, we can supply systems that will cope with liquids only or even a combination of liquids and solids simultaneously.

Features that can be accommodated within our CVC system designs include:

  • HEPA secondary filtration
  • Safe change waste discharge arrangements
  • Explosion relief protection features including venting panels, suppression systems, chemical barriers, slam shut valves, etc.
  • Fixed or portable interceptors
  • Mild or stainless steel construction
  • Noise attenuation to ensure that our systems operate at levels well below site limits
  • A wide range of vacuum hose and tool designs
  • DustX have the in-house capability and experience to design a system that will meet all your process and material handling requirements to both your own, and your operators complete satisfaction.