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Fixed pipework system connecting to a lorry mounted self powered vacuum plant

Where there is a need for vacuum cleaning to a number of satellite installations on a large site such as a power station, we can supply a lorry mounted self powered vacuum plant. These can be driven around a site enabling localised vacuum cleaning to be undertaken around the plant itself.

Normally, the vehicles are supplied with pre-designed pipework systems so that these can be installed within each of the satellite installations. Each pipework system then terminates in a coupling suitable for connection to the vehicle mounted flexible connection on the lorry. This enables localised vacuum cleaning to be undertaken within each plant with all the vacuumed product being brought to the mobile tanker enabling disposal to be done on the site itself or alternatively at another disposal location.

All of the on board vacuum plant power requirements are self contained within the vehicles. This means that no additional power requirements are needed enabling them to achieve the ability of being able to deliver vacuum with the minimum of effort once in located in position. The vacuum plant on the vehicles can be supplied to collect either dry or wet product or a combination of them both, the choice being made at the point of enquiry.




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